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How successful are you with online dating?

In conventional dating, people meet and get to know each other naturally and gradually. People never have pre-set idea what they look for. When it works out, they realize both are “perfect” for each other. If it doesn’t work out, it usually is after they dated for a while and substantially know each other. They have found solid information which proves two people are not compatible.

While online, people start with looking at profiles and then chatting. They imagine they come to a super market to pick up someone they like. They usually focus on criterion such as physical appearance, professional backgrounds etc. The worst is looking at each other’s photos, to mention nothing about if the photos are genuine or not. All the process is to build up expectations according to their shopping list. All hope “ one stop to love ‘’. In fact, people hope to grab someone who fits into their romantic dreams. Once it comes to initial meeting, the real person doesn’t match their expectations, they become disappointed and move on.

This process is suitable only if you look for instant romance. Many people have experience that plenty online daters are looking for flings. Some unknowingly fall into that pattern because they unintentionally follow that mind set.

So, if you look for a long term stable partner, do not let your eyes dazzled by the fact: there are always someone else there. You may run the risk of becoming a monkey who picks up corns.

Multiple choices overwhelm people, making them miss their target.

Do not fail to know: a good relationship is not a “readymade product” as soon as you meet someone you like or feel attracted to; a relationship is to be built with effort.

There are plenty suitable candidates for you. You do not need to meet 100. The key is inside you.

You can avoid fruitless multiple dating if you know the nature of dating for a long term relationship.

If you want hear other people’s successful and unsuccessful stories, you may be able to short cut your journey!

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