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26yo Danish girl beautiful happy go lucky ( code: 19589 )

170cm tall, blue eyes and blonde; grew up in Danmark, she is new to Australia as an uni student, confident, adventurous, warm and mature; has strong bond with family; romantic, loyal and caring; hard working, independent, active and has a sense of humor. likes beach, yoga, movies, theatre, dancing, water sports, travel, weekends away and home life. Would like to meet a mature and intelligent guy for friendship or more.

36yo Italian girl free spirited ( code: 20105 )

Tall and slim, attractive, brought up in southern Italy, came to Aust some 16 years ago, she is well adapted to Australian culture, loves outdoors and nature; passionate, very honest, warm and friendly, adventurous, free spirited; sincere, genuine, loyal and playful, lives an active life, self reliant and independent; loves travelling, healthy life style, beach, outdoors, bushwalking, Arts, reading, moveis and weekends away. ready to settle down with a responsible man who shares some of her interests. Sydney inner west.

36yo Maltese single mum, down to earth family person ( code: 16616)

Very honest, sincere and decent, self reliant, loyal, committed, hard working, taking care of families, caring and supportive; divorced, and still believes marriage is forever and ready to make effort to establish a genuine lasting relationship with someone share similar values. Sydney Parramatta area.

38yo Greek professional ( code: 21085 )

Aust born, tertiary educated, blonde hair, petite figure, caring and gentle, family values are important for her; dedicated with stable employment and down to earth; positive, warm, honest and generous, easy going and open minded; sociable, likes music, yoga, music and healthy diet.

38yo single mum ( code: 31128 )

Marcedonian background, Aust born, 165cm tall, feminine and sweet, gentle, friendly, thoughtful, moral, kind, compassionate, a loyal home person, communicative; very affectionate, romantic, caring and sensitive; likes Gardening, home life, beach, travel, music, weekends away and reading. Sydney south.

39yo Greek girl compassionate gentle ( code: 21085)

Slim with blonde hair and light olive skin. A pleasant and caring person, family and values are important for her; dedicated, has a stable employment; very friendly, honest and generous, easy going and gentle hearted, can be a little quiet, low key, and comfortable to communicate her feelings and ideas; A home person, who also likes socialising, lunch or drinks with friends, movies, reading, yoga, music, healthy diet, food and travel. Sydney South West area.

39yo single Greek never married ( code: 24487 )

163cm, beautiful petite figure with long dark hair; friendly personality, honest, has a curious open mind, romantic, adventurous, artistic, feminine, a little shy in the beginning and very communicative once you know her. very young hearted, family oriented. Sydney south.

41yo Greek girl single never been married ( code: 20170)

Fitness conscious, looks at 20s, very attractive 170cm tall, brunette with olive skin, very friendly, generous, loyal, playful, caring, spiritual and confident; sophisticated, humorous, communicative and open with feelings, lives a balanced life, active and family oriented. Likes keeping fit, Yoga, meditation, beach, bushwalking, weekends away, music, movies, reading and dining out. Ready to settle down with a Greek partner. Syd inner west.

42yo Greek professional ( code 15182 )

Never been married, 164cm, full figured, stylish, has a warm personality, happy go lucky, positive, loutgoing, oyal, playful, generous, kind, very honest, open minded, understanding, communicative with a sense of humour; easygoing and ready to settle down with a compatible partner. Enjoys outings, travel, movies, theatre, music, weekends away, family and friends. Sydney south.

43yo Greek lady free spirited and kind ( code: 31181)

petitie figure, looks 28, beautiful and athletic; sophisticated and free spirited; happy go lucky with an open mind and heart; warm, bubbly, young and active; off mainstream, in touch with her higher power, sensual and grounded; very affectionate; confident, playful, caring and easygoing, adventurous, has a good sense of humor; spontaneous, lives a balanced life. Sydney south area.

44 yo Russian single mum ( code 31081)

Fun loving, attractive sophisticated, very outgoing, adventurous, very confident, assertive, straightforward; active, romantic, take pride of herself, has a sense of humour, playful and cheeky; likes horse riding, scuba diving, dancing and travelling. Wish to meet a big hearted man who values a stable relationship and family. Sydney south.

47yo Greek woman never been married ( code: 19017)

Born in Australia, had a stable upbringing; 170cm, medium built; very friendly, honest, respectful; family oriented, stable, committed; loyal, caring and playful, generous, warm; communicative and has a sense humor. lives a balanced life, enjoys going to beach, travel, dining, music, movies, dancing, bushwalking. Sydney west.

47yo Russian background, romantic,energetic sensual ( code: 30877)

Naturalised Australian, brunette, fair skinned, 164cm, slim and feminine; young and attractive, a grandmother who looks like sisters with her daughter; Bubbly personality, uncomplicated and easygoing. Warm and affectionate, full of energy; she describes herself: private, average, romantic; believes in tradtitional values; enjoys outings, movies, travel, animals and outdoors; a gifted home maker, tidy and organized; has been living in Australia for over 15 years, has one grown up child. Now she is care free and independent, professionally employed, sincerely looking for a caring man to share life with. View her photos in our office.

48yo Blonde Polish, going to 35 ( code: 12875 )

extremely young, attractive and feminine; well educated professional, established; has a warm and happy nature and positive thinking; intelligent, hard working and competent without losing balance of living; spiritually aware; gentle, communicative, has a sense of humor; loyal, affectionate and sophisticated; adventurous, likes outdoors, sailing, theatre, travel and Arts. Ready to share and enjoy life with a like minded man. Sydney city area.

49yo Aust/Russian, medical professional (code 16328)

Very attractive petite with blonde hair and blue eyes; A people person with a warm happy nature, full of charisma, friendly and positive; understanding, compassionate and kind; very young, active, romantic, enthusiastic, sociable and easygoing, looking for connections with a soul mate. ( Sydney northshore )

51yo Sophisticated Executive ( code: 19569)

Mixed European background, slim, fit, sophisticated; high achiever, intelligent. focused, driven, independent without being aggressive; has a happy nature, relaxed, approachable with a sense of humour, communicative; family oriented, loyal, caring, responsible; believes in commitment and romance in relationships; Balanced, lives a very active life, keeping fit is her daily routine, likes jogging, walking, gardening and quiet night at home. Sydney South.

53yo Italian professional ( code: 30275 )

Intelligent, well educated; self motivated; warm, caring, romantic, appreciates fine things in life; devoted and focused, stable and reliable; a passionate person and capable achiever, has inner strength, independent, spiritual, well balanced with emotional sensitivity and good understanding of life and people; a persistant believer of love and family values. Likes Arts, reading, theatre, opera, music, dancing, Yoga, meditation, travel, weekends away. seeks a long term partner and share life.

54yo young medical doctor ( code: 30820 )

Divorced with two grown children; highly energetic, a positive motivated person, well educated and established; intelligent, adventurous, confident and lives an active and balanced life; sophisticated, romantic, playful and affectionate; well travelled and has lived in Australia for over 20 years; likes outdoors, Fitness, gym, bushwalking, water sports, skiing, weekends away, theatre, concerts, dining and reading. Self aware, busy but available to build a long term relationship. Sydney South.

55yo Baltic widow, passionate (code: 15425)

Came to Australian 20 years ago; professionally employed; tall, attractive and feminine, very young hearted; romantic – a little girl inside, confident and happy go lucky with a sense of humour; a little shy but adventurous, intelligent, open minded, has grown children; single and ready to meet a soul mate again.

56yo Russian scientist ( code 19601 )

157cm tall, slim and attractive, warm, friendly, well educated, academic, philosphical, a deep thinker, intellectually active; open minded, adventurous, ready to try new things and explore; responsible, understanding; easygoing, spiritual, self aware. likes Arts, music, reading, travelling, outdoors, theatre, home life and gardening. Are you her perfect partner? Sydney eastern suburbs

57yo Armenian professional ( code 22704 )

Well travelled, has a warm personality, very young hearted, active, open minded, highly focused, intelligent, goal oriented; self secure with a touch of spirituality, hard working, grounded; likes outdoor, jogging, beach, dining, music, theatre, yoga, gym, fitness, bushwalking, travel and home life. Has been single for a number of years and now ready to share life again with a soul mate. Sydney Northern Beaches.

57yo Baltic widow, professional ( code: 14736)

Attractive blondie, warm, caring, open minded, positive, outgoing, confident with a generous heart, easygoing with a sense of humour, adventurous, sophisticated, active, lives a balanced life, believes in loyalty and follows traditional values. likes opera, theatre, travel and weekends away. ready to meet a man who knows how to treat a lady. Sydney Inner West.

57yo Italian housewife (code 16808)

Petite figure, athletically slim and fit with olive skin, born in Southern Italy, came to Australia 30 years ago, has a happy go lucky nature, very sincere, highly energetic and active, romantic, sensual and expressive; Likes Dancing, music, travel, beach, outdoors; a great home maker; passionate about sharing quality life with a man who appreciates her. Sydney South.

58yo Russian music teacher ( code 30301 )

Tall and slim, gentle, soft, feminine, well educated, cultured, sophisticated; has a warm nature, friendly, a little inside, has a cheeky sense of humour, very easy to talk with, caring, loving and faithful, independent and believes in traditional values. Has been in Australia for more than 20 years, divorced with two grown sons. Would like to share life again with a special man who knows how to treat a woman. South west Sydney

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