Selected Male Members

36yo Euro-Asian ( code: 30910)

Business owner and a captain; 6ft tall, very fit with olive skin, speaks English, Cantonese and Spanish; likes water

sports, boating, animals; handy man, house trained. Ready to find a friend and walk towards commitment.

36yo Multitalented professional ( Code: 15082 )

Handsome brunette, olive skin, passionate musician, film producer and lawyer, well educate red, confident, loyal, highly

focused, committed and controlled; creative with a sense of humour; outgoing, playful; intellectual, seeking deeper meaning

of life and spiritual connections, non-materialistic; open minded and understanding. seeking an artistic female who thinks

about life and philosophical issues, intelligent, not mainstream. Sydney Eastern Sub.

39yo Maltese bachelor ( code 10073 )

Medium built, mediterranean looking, a church goer with good morals; loyal, caring, warm, friendly, romantic, has strong

belief in a quality loving relationship; active, hard working, stable and well planned for future; an outdoors person, has

trvelled, loves nature and country, wants to find a compatible single girl, who takes pride of herself. Family and kids in

the future. Sydney west

40yo Cosmopolitan Japanese man ( code: 20143 )

Technical translator; Sydney resident; 175cm, athletic built; a free spirited traveller, lover of Arts, photography;

interested in European cultures and architecture; speaks English, Italian, French, etc; Lives at down town Sydney.

Independent, self sufficient, even tempered, gentle and easy going. Would like to live life to the full; open to meet an

European background girl who shares similar spirit.

40yo happy go lucky Greek man ( code: 30998 )

Australian born, beautiful hearted, active, has a love for life, enthusiastic, positive, confident, very happy, open

minded and adventurous; warm, loyal, caring, thoughtful, has strong family values; hard working, committed, ambitious, well

planned for future; Likes Travel, water sport, beach, gym, home life, working on the property, going out; ready to settle


41yo Australian Greek background (code:31079)

Australian born successful real estate agent, 6ft tall, athletic built, hazel blue eyes. A gentleman who is modern, yet

retains some traditional values. Determined and tenacious in striving for goals, kind hearted, very friendly, has a positive

attitude and happy nature.

Looking for a happy, kind lady who is optimistic and down to earth, who is ready to settle down and build a beautiful long

lasting relationship and family.

43yo Greek man from Anthens ( code: 31192)

Technical manager, 180cm, well build with light olive skin and dark hair; well presented; hard working with a strong

career; a gentleman with some old fashioned values; knows how to treat a woman; warm, playful, positive and active;

easygoing and romantic; likes fitness, regular work out, country drive, outdoors in general; a one woman man, full of

enthusiasm; sincerely invites a fine lady to join him and walk together through life’s journey.

43yo Ukrainian Engineer (code: 31050 )

Aust born, never married, engineer, 5’11, medium built, gentle, polite, stable with strong family values, well planned for

future, caring, loyal; ready to settle down with a girl who has similar cultural background and family upbringing.

44yo Australian Greek background (code:31078)

Trades man 44, Aust born, bachelor, 6f tall, well built, brown hair, hazel eyes with tanned skin, handsome and sexy, a

passionate lover of nature and ocene, positive, warm, straightforward, very handy and down to earth, seeks a good hearted

woman, easygoing, accepting, loves outdoors, for marriage and family.

48yo Athletic Latino Italian ( code 15715 )

A very young bachelor, stable and honest, gentle and positive, a little reserved; hard working, well grounded with strong

family values; uncomplicated, baggage free, ready to settle down to start a family. enjoys home life, fitness, gym,

outdoors, nature. A very loyal person. Ready to settle down and have a family. Sydney Northern beaches. Nothern beaches


48yo Attractive excecutive, Aust born Greek ( code: 30506 )

Bachelor, 174cm, medium built, very attractive; well educated, intelligent, a deep thinker, open minded, focused,

committed, eloquent, passionate with a good sense of humour, a little private, warm, caring, romantic, spiritual, soft

hearted, family oriented, believes in traditional values and loyalty. Likes reading, history, world affairs, music,

sightseeing, socialising with friends, weekends away and fitness. Sydney inner west area.

50yo Stylish Eastern European ( code: 30452 )

Computer engineer, 178cm, medium built; sophisticated gentleman; happy go lucky, soft natured, knows how to treat women,

sweet and generous; active, likes swim, gym, camping, travel, home life and dining out. Sydney inner west.

48yo attractive Italian bachelor ( code: 16615 )

Australian born with Italian parents, 6f tall, well presented; passionate about relationship and a stable family; honest,

independent, hard working, financially secure, sincere, loyal, stable and generous; active, fitness conscious, likes beach

sports, travel, weekends away, reading and dining out; ready to meet an outgoing feminine lady who values family and Italian

culture. Syd inner west area.

48yo Greek business man ( code: 10483 )

Aust born with Greek parents, a total gentleman, never takes women for granted; has done plenty in life, very worldly;

down to earth, smart, open minded, communicative; strong principles, very honest; positive, determined; respectful and

understanding, has a strong character and fantastic sense of humor; likes outdoors, sports, going out, foodball coaching,

beach, weekends away, gardening, home life, movies and dining out. Sydney south.

53yo Spanish born (code: 10275 )

Management role, 6f tall, fit, handsome with blue eyes, fair skin and brown hair; sophisticated with a passion for love

and a crazy sense of humour; a very young hearted, emotional man; communicative, open with feelings, very loyal and

committed. health conscious, likes jogging, surfing, soccer and Arts. Still full of enthusiasm to start a family again with a

right woman he can love.

58yo USA background (code:31107)

Athletic scholar; corporate executive; vibrant artist; financially established, well travelled, enriched by lots of

personal achievement; an actionist, yet very young hearted, with a soul above mediocrity; an irresistible creative thinker,

artistic, has lots of mental energy as well as a goal for healthy life style; Has a passion for music, jazz, plays in a band,

fitness is a commitment, tennis, yoga, travel, Arts, reading, theatre, business ideas! Arrived in Sydney – a preferred new

home, would like to slow down, smell flowers, meet his soul mate, who may click with him through music as the connection.

59yo French man (code: 31153 )

Widow, tall, well built, blond hair and blue eyes. A perfect gentleman who respects and looks after woman, warm and giving

with a very romantic heart. Financially established, semi retired; would like to find love again.

58yo Greek background (code:30422)

Architect, born in Australia, single with no kids, gentle, soft, very honest, stable and easygoing, 178cm, slim, olive

skin, active tennis player. Would like to meet a lady for marriage, any nationalities. Lower North Shore

63yo Italian accountant ( code: 31170)

Born overseas, lived and educated in Australia, down to earth finance professional, very honest, gentle hearted,

understanding with lots of common sense, pragmatic, sensible, loyal, highly committed with strong family values; can be a

little melancholy as a touch of depth of life experience, communicative, well informed and easygoing. likes home life,

gardening, theatre, movies, diniing, reading, tennes, travel and occasional pub/clubbing.

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