Cross Cultural Relationships

People’s cultural upbringing plays a fundamental role in their personal relationship. Cultural upbringing is basically one’s family upbringing while school education, social interaction contributes to different degree depending on individual person. You may agree that your perfect partner is preferably to be someone who shares similar food, expression of passion, goes to the same church, or is able to tell / understand a joke in the same mother language with you.

Australia is a multicultural country. It provides exciting opportunities for people to meet partners from other cultural upbringings. Cross cultural relationships are a beautiful picture in Australian cultural landscape. We often see couples walking down the street: dark skinned Latino men with pale blonde Anglo-Saxon women; tall fair haired Aussie men holding dark haired little petite Asian girls. Adventurous men and women benefit from this free country to fulfil their romantic dreams of attracting the opposites.

It is common and inevitable for individuals to face this multicultural choice in meeting a partner. On the other hand, it is also a challenge to build and maintain a happy lasting relationship with two partners coming from different cultural upbringing. Our service has created many successful cross cultural marriages in our over 30 years practice. We also come across a lot of people who have failed in their previous marriages where their spouse was from a different cultural upbringing. According to their stories, differences in upbringings have a lot to do with the break up. We have gained extensive experience on cross cultural relationships; how to make it work; who works with whom, and vice versa. We would be happy to assist you to make the best choice in pursuing your romantic fantasy!

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