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A personalised matchmaking service which you can use without going through online dating hassles.

This is your online dating alternative service – a personalised dating agency situated in Sydney CBD since 1980s. We have matched many Greek couples in our over 30 years practice. We match you in traditional way by personally meeting you face to face. We know you and we know the person we put you with. Just like you meeting someone from your family referral, we introduce you to people whom we know where they come from and what kind of person they are.

Why You Should Choose a Greek Man/Woman for Dating in Sydney?

Marriage and family are important for Greek singles. Greek members are goal driven and know what they want. No matter whom they marry with, one thing in common: all our Greek members are most genuine, honest, generous, and value love, relationship and family as most important thing in life. Nobody is looking for a fling or non-committal short term encounter.Greek men and women make best family members by being most committed, down to earth, hardworking, loyal, caring and looking after everyone in the family. And they are known as attractive, romantic and passionate. Dating Greek men or women can be your most memorable life experience if you are not Greek; and marrying a Greek will bring you the opportunity to be with the most compatible life partner if you are Greek. We can help you make this experience happen.

What Makes Us The Best Greek Dating Site in Sydney?

In this multicultural society Australia, people come from diverse cultural upbringings and customs, which makes finding a compatible life partner a real challenge. So when Greek people stick to their tradition to marry a Greek partner, it makes our matchmaking task easier and straightforward. I personally matched many Greek couples. As I am writing this article, in 9 days from now, there is a wedding between a Greek couple whom I matched last year. I am pleased to say that we have many great Greek customers who are very sincere and emotionally intelligent, not to mention about the well-known fact: They are very attractive and passionate!

Mediterranean Night – Our Social Events Connecting Like-Minded Singles

We have been holding this kind of events since 2005. Members from our large database are all welcome to attend. This is most popular event, where you can meet Greek, Italian, Maltese, Lebanese, Croatian, Russian, Spanish and even Chinese! People come to enjoy Mediterranean food and music. Our members are friendly and culturally open minded. Lots of connections happened, lots of friendship have created from these events.

Whether You Look for a Greek Partner or Would Like to Explore Other Options, We Can Help You

As Greek tradition goes, most of our Greek members prefer finding a Greek partner for marriage. However, we also have seen some Greek members ended up happily with a partner from different ethnic backgrounds being Australian, Italian or Aborigine.

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