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Online Dating Know How

If you currently are signed up with some online dating service such as RSVP or, and not getting desirable results, we offer personal assistance to you to improve your performance.

(1) Assessment of your dates

If you do not what to get shocks once you go on your first meeting; if you do not want to waste your valuable time and emotional energy to date people who turn out to be disaster; Or if you want to play safe for your long term security and do not want to marry someone who, down the track ” GROWNS APART ” from you; You need to learn how to assess the people you go out with, how to choose the person you can develop a healthy relationship with. The starting point is usually where your future lies! Why divorce rate is so high today? Most marriages are based on very fragile ground in terms of compatibilities. When we are young and inexperienced, we go with flow and do not see or realise the hidden risk or visible signals at the beginning of a relationship.

We will assist you, using our 30years match making experience, to select a right person for your future. Simply come in for an initial meeting so we can have a chat to understand you as a friend. We discuss your potential candidates who come from your online website. We also make an assessment on your existing online profile to see if it can catch the eye of your potential partners. We will help you to rewrite it or modify it if necessary.

After our meeting, we maintain an ongoing communication with you during your dating process. We provide personal dating tips for you if you need. ( go to Ongoing assistance )

(2) Your Profile

How to create a profile that effectively attracts the right person for you?

Many online dating profiles are poorly written, which give no idea what kind of person is behind. These profiles will just be browsed away and lost in the ocean of the records. Majority people, even educated professionals, have no idea how to describe themselves.

A) First know what you want. What kind of relationship are you after? Be clear and straightforward. ( Are you sure what the best is for you at this stage of life?)

B) Describe yourself. How much do you know yourself? What would you like people to know about you?

C) What kind of individuals can be your compatible partner? How do you describe the person? What are the important requirements of your potential partner? (Who are you looking for? Is he or she looking for you? )

D) Should you place your photos on the site? How can you choose photos which attract right candidates?

We can write you profiles after our initial meeting with you and get to know you as a person.

(3) Ongoing assistance:

We shall discuss with you and reveal all the mysteries during your dating process:

Whether or not should you make approach? If you do, who should you approach and how?

When should you meet? What should you talk before your initial meeting?

What should you talk about at your first meeting if you like the person at the first sight?

What should you do after the first meeting?

What could you do if you like the person but not sure if he or she likes you?

How can you tell if the other person is interested in you. ( different views for male and female )

What should you do if you are really keen on the other person (approaches for male and female )

What can you do if he or she disappears from time to time while you are dating each other?

How can you tell if your date is really into you?

Etc etc….

We will assist you through with all the way until your relationship is stable and satisfied. You can choose to be open with our service; however the degree of our communication is totally up to your personal preference.

Cost involved:
$150 If you already have an online profile. 2 hour face to face consultation with you, modifying your online profile discuss your performance on dating sites.
$250 You are about go on dating site. 2 hour face to face consultation, for creating your profile on scratch and provide specific online dating tips according to your personal circumstances.
$50 for 1 hour – further face to face consultation

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