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The first step is to come for a meeting with Rose. She has over 20 years experience in match making and is a good judge of character. Some clients say she should be a psychologist. She never wants to be. She just wants to be your friend. She is very engaging in her work, with the best effort and energy to assist you. You can relax and go to meet a good friend who looks after your happiness.


You can simply fill in the form from this website and email to us. We shall contact you straight away to arrange a meeting. You can also just ring to make an appointment and come down. W shall fill your form at our meeting. We shall take your photo and attach it to your form which is your profile. Your personal details are strictly confidential. When we exchange profiles with the person you are going to meet, only your first name, suburb, mobile phone number will be given to each other.


At our meeting, we recommend members to you according to your requirements. You decide whoever you would like to accept. Their photos are available for you to view. We do not recommend overly focus on photo images, which we shall explain to you personally. Apart from the members we show you at our meeting, in a few days or a couple of weeks time, we are able to search for more or different candidates for you while our knowledge about you increased. However, occasionally, we may slow down in our progress, and wait for the suitable candidates for you to come along.

Profiles are sent to both parties before your initial contact. In most cases, men make the first phone call to invite ladies out.


After your initial meeting, your feedback to us is compulsory. This makes our service different from any online dating site or other dating agencies. We stand by your side like your best friend who set you up with the other person. So you will always count on us to know where you stand with your date. You never have to make mistakes by pursing someone who is not really keen on you. You never have to marry someone who, after 20 years marriage suddenly tells you that she or he didn’t love you in the first place, but pulled into marriage simply because your were so keen! You never have to be taken for a ride if you keep communication with us. You have a best friend whose full time profession is to help you. Don’t you think a professional dating service is necessary? If you use professional services for your health, beauty, fitness, why not in the area which concerns your ultimate life long happiness?

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Our service is personalized, please send your details, our matchmaker will contact you within 24 hours to invite you come for a meeting.



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