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The simplest way is to visit our office and select profiles. Call now to book a meeting with Rose: 0433 312514. or email:

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A) Be matched with our members who have been interviewed and screened personally.
B) Attend our tailored social events to meet like minded singles
C) Receive personalized assistance to boost your performance with online dating sites such as eHarmony or RSVP.

Strong clientele of Sydney based Italian singles

As an established dating agency since 1980, we have helped hundreds of couples set up a relationship which led to marriage and family. Many of those couples involve Italian ethnic background. In other words, among our multicultural clientele, there is a strong percentage of Sydney based Italian singles age from 30s to 60s. They can be migrants from Italy or Australian born Italian descents.

Highly personalized matchmaking service for Italian singles

Our service is hands on and friendly. We provide ongoing support to clients throughout their dating. All our members are welcome to become our friends and maintain long term relationship with us before or after they find a perfect partner. This approach also provides us good opportunities for research on Italian culture, and to understand their needs and wants from all cultures perspectives.

We have good knowledge on matching Italian singles. Family values and passionate partners

Italians are well known as family oriented. Family is utmost priority in personal lives. Matchmaking for Italians is easy as every Italian comes to our list share similar goals, looking for a committed relationship. No one is after short term encounters, casual dating, and rarely have we come across Italians confused about what they want. They are also known as being romantic and passionate with generous personality. They make the best partners for relationships. In our 30 odd years of matchmaking practice, Italian partners are most popular among singles coming to our service.

Love is the goal. Italian singles are most truthful towards feelings and emotion with a perfect partner

You are likely to find true love if you date an Italian partner. Italians do not compromise their feelings in dating. They crave for the passion and connection with the person they are dating. Things will not go anywhere unless they are in love. They do not settle for second best. They may be a little perfectionist. My understanding is that they aim at a lifelong relationship. So being a little fussy is necessary. However, they will not marry for convenience or formality; they will not marry easily and divorce easily. Luckily, things normally work out well for them as the most wanted in the dating market. When it comes to dating and finding a partner, Italian singles are most genuine and truthful towards their feelings and emotion with a perfect partner.

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